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5 out of 5

Prior to working with Carli at Pollynation I wasn't aware of Reiki or very knowledgeable of spiritual healing. I lived my life to treat others with kindness without seeking rewards for it. Often times that meant forgetting about myself and my own needs. Little did I know that my internship with Carli would introduce me to something my life needed. During my healing session with Carli it felt as though my inner self was placed in the most serene environment; a blooming field. Ever since I was a child I felt most comfortable outside. Curious about animals, plants, and how the world works. I didn't expect it to actually mean something for me. It was emotional but enlightening. Scary, but comforting. I hadn't ever had an experience with my spirit guides before, but they offered me comforting words and warmth. Almost like a mother's love, but somehow deeper and more unexplainable. Since then I have been tapping into my spirituality and reaching out for their guidance more. I âm still learning and sometimes I don't get much of a response. But, I always know when I have reached them. A tingle on my arm, a single tear in my eye, or even a dream. You can just tell when a spirit of light is there with you. During my reiki 1 attuning I got a taste of self healing. I saw colors like yellow, blue, and green. I felt a warmth in my hands, into my heart. It's hard to explain, and one of those things you have to experience for yourself. It was definitely grounding, and provided me with security. It also reinforced my feelings about my intuition. My gut feeling has saved me from a lot, and brought pain in its own right. But, since my attunement I have learned to trust it no matter what. To allow whatever is going to be, to be. One of the biggest things I have learned is allowing myself to be as a vessel of positive, healing energy. Each session I do on myself be it emotional or physical brings forth it's own rewards. Clarity. Strength. Courage. Forgiveness. Understanding. Whatever it is that I need, I receive. It's not always immediate. It can be offered in opportunities to build my character or utilize what I already have. Reiki has definitely shown me a side of myself I was desperate to find. That I am more than what's on the outside. That my interest in nature is no accident, and I am actually in the process of trying to connect with that a little more now. With my undergrad years coming to an end, I am finding more time to focus on myself and learn more about who I am. I strongly believe that had Carli not introduced me to Reiki I would be in the same dark place as I was a year ago. Reiki has been my tool to heal and grow, and I am thankful.

Maya Burwell

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