Befriending Femininity

There’s no debating that women are making strides around the world. We are presidents and CEOs, we are educators and entrepreneurs, we are activists and leaders. We are daughters, wives, and mothers. What we all share in common is our identities as women and our sense of femininity.

“The Stuff”

For millions of women around the world, menstrual cycles bring up the Stuff. The Stuff isn’t just the physical symptoms like cramps, acne, and fatigue. Stuff can be the emotions we carry deep down, what we’ve compartmentalized, and things from our pasts we haven’t dealt with well. When we suppress those truths, our systems get out of balance and can aggravate our cycles, one of many ways our body lets us know what work we still need to do. As women, we share the menstruation experience and are blessed with constant feedback from our bodies. It’s one component of our femininity. Let’s embrace and unpack this by tuning in to our senses and listening to what they’re telling us.

The body’s feedback process is complex, but you’re all familiar with those often dreaded physical cues: breakouts, itchiness, redness, rashes, pimples, and painful cramping or swelling. For you those tough cues might be migraines, back pain, joint aches, trouble sleeping, and less interest in sex. Your body also gives you important emotional feedback like irritability, moodiness, stress, and exhaustion. These emotional states can bring unwelcome reminders of old traumas, pain, and loss, and even spiritual baggage. When these thoughts resurface and become persistent, it’s an invitation to heal and do the final work to release it for good.

Your cycle doesn’t have to be the time of the month you wish would never come. Whether they’re physical, mental, or emotional, pay attention to those cues and use them to invest in your body. Every month, work to find balance mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You might want to start by eating foods that are good for your unique systems, honor your food sensitivities and allergies, and treat your body like the temple it is. So, let’s talk tips! Below are some Pollynation “best practices” and suggestions to help you bloom into wellness and feel your best.

Achieving Balance

Prior to your cycle, boost your kidneys by drinking lots of water and eating clean. Foods like parsley, grapes, garlic, and celery, cranberry, cherry, and herbs like cinnamon, dandelion, nettles, tumeric, and ginger could be helpful additions to your diet. This can help to cleanse, reduce inflamation, water retention and bloating, all of which can ease your period symptoms when it comes around. You can help your liver and lymph system by dry brushing and focusing your efforts on your lymph nodes, liver, and stomach areas, especially if you find skin irritations are triggered during this time. 

To respond to emotional cues, have a reiki session to balance your chakras and initiate the movement of your chi life force throughout your body. Hint, the areas of discomfort coincides with certain chakras to help uncover what’s really going on. The practice of reiki comes from eastern medicinal traditions which describe menstruation as an “example of complexity and beauty in the female body” (Julie Von, Ph.D). Pain and discomfort are treated as signs of internal imbalance and the practitioner works to understand the internal causes of external symptoms. During menstruation, chi is represented by a woman’s blood flow as a source of nutrients and life. Stress hormones and exhaustion stagnate the easy flow of chi and cause problems throughout your cycle. If your symptoms are intense and affecting your daily life, give acupuncture. All of these techniques can improve your emotional wellbeing throughout your cycle and your connection to your femininity.

Before or after menstruation, you can feel more comfortable in your body by gently cleansing in a bath with our Tone and Balance Bath Bomb. Its blend of organic herbs and theurapeutic grade essential oils are designed to cater to the female reproductive system by toning and balancing while relaxing. Its properties work together to act as a yoni steam, all in a bath! If baths aren’t your thing, try herbal teas and supplements. When incorporateing herbs, it’s important to explore which herbs will work best with your body and unique needs and are not counterindicated with any existing medications. So, please consult your doctor prior. Ashwagandha, vitex, black cohosh, red clover blossom, raspbery leaf, rosehips, crampback, fewerfew, white willow bark, and fennel are a good place to start your search. And don’t forget low-intensity exercises such as walking, zumba, yoga, and qi gong. These can all be done before, after or during your cycle–you decide! Create your own unique rituals that helps you own your femininity, honor your body, understand its cues, and get on with feeling your best! Because when you feel your best, you show up differently, and are in position to begin living your best life.

Pollynation Apothecary Can Help

If you feel discouraged or need more guidance remember that Pollynation Apothecary is always here to help and support you. For physical symptoms, try our Acne Serum for those stubborn breakouts and the Inflamed Healing Balm for aches that won’t go away. Soothe your skin with our Halo Buttercream and enjoy aromatherapy with our calming Essences. You may even want to add our bath bombs and soaps to the mix to spice up your cleansing routines. As our lifestyles gradually return to normal, you can book your in-home reiki session with Carli Abram. And once COVID-19 is over, enjoy free fifteen minute reiki sessions at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market. To help you with your spiritual work, Pollynation Apothecary will soon offer more, so stay tuned. As you work to restore your internal balance, listen to your body’s needs, and embrace your femininity, it may be a time to look forward to self-care, relaxation, healing, and transformation.

*Consult your doctor before beginning herbs. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The mentioned products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.