Why so many LTOs?

Have you ever wondered why we create soaps that you love and then store the recipes in the vault for months after they sell out? “Limited time only” products (also known as LTOs) account for at least 30% of our body care and here’s why:

If you think about it, fruits, veggies, herbs are all seasonal. We pride ourselves on shopping local, vegan and organic when we’re sourcing ingredients for Pollynation Apothecary products. Do you notice that when you visit farmer’s markets or even local grocery stores, you’ll see different items featured front and center, in the focal section of the store? Think of when you usually see Halloween candy or popsicles suddenly make an appearance. Sometimes I go and there are boxes of pumpkins and corn on the cob. Sometimes I visit the market and fresh peaches are the first thing I see. The point is that the featured items usually are not the same.

You’ll find we operate with a similar system, which means that some of your favorite Pollynation soaps are almost gone, and you won’t find them again until a year from now.

Pollynation Apothecary’s Enzymatic Soap is loaded with Mother Earth’s most bountiful fruit and herbs. The most common ingredients include turmeric and citrus fruits packed with enzymes like papaya & mango.

These ingredients help to soften, naturally renew skin and encourage cell turnover. This soap also has a creamy lather and a slight scrub, ridding the skin of toxins, sweat, dead skin and dirt. And if that’s not enough it smells amazing!

All of our products, even our LTOs, are made to help you reclaim your optimum health, which is why we are so mindful of the ingredients we use. If you are struggling with dry itchy skin, if you have dealt with eczema, psoriasis, or any other skin ailment that may have caused irritations or scarring, restore your skin with our enzymatic soap.