Are bugs bugging you?

The dog days of summer are in full effect, and so are the mosquitoes which will continue through the fall. It’s difficult to imagine what good can come from cohabitating with these annoying pests. Bugs are, however, an essential player in the ecosystem and deserve a level of respect. But how, you ask, can we comfortably live with them without wearing toxic bug sprays or poisoning our pets with repellant medicine? Read on!

Did You Know?

Mosquitoes can detect scents up to 100 feet away.

Mosquitos respond to the smell of its blood source’s skin, whether it be human or animal.

Only the female mosquito bites.

A female mosquito will bite not to be pesky; she bites for successful procreation! The donor’s blood provides essential proteins to nourish her eggs.

Discomfort happens only when you’re allergic to the mosquito’s saliva.

It’s believed that the mosquito bite hurts. Not so! It’s the allergic response to the mosquito’s saliva. Common allergic symptoms include swelling, itching, bruising or other types of skin irritation. And note, not everybody is allergic!

Mosquitoes find some humans “tastier” than others.

People more at risk to bug bites include those who have:

  • A high BMI and/or who are pregnant due to elevated body heat and increased CO2 production.
  • Type O blood. Type “A” is less attractive.
  • Elevated body secretions (heavy perspiration.) Mosquitoes love bacteria from skin secretions.
  • More acidic bodies. Poor diet, disease, improper oxygenation, and excessive alcohol intake all contribute to blood acidity. The more lactic acid produced, the more prone you are to mosquito bites.

What can you do about it?

Eat a healthy diet and mask your body scent with Pollynation’s specially formulated all-natural bug spray, it’ll keep the bugs away and it doesn’t have that harsh smell or overspray. Also, keep on hand the Pollynation Apothecary Calendula and Plantain Healing Balm in case you do get bitten. This amazing all-natural remedy soothes the skin, stops the itching, prevents infection, and helps the skin heal faster.