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The Pollynation Chill Pill Bath Bomb has a clean, calming, light scent.  It dissolves easily in a full tub of bath water making a wonderful aromatherapy experience in the comfort of your home. The experience leaves your skin hydrated, pleasantly fragranced and clean. I loved the special experience that I enjoyed with this product.    ~ Audrey

Philadelphia,PA     2/8/2016


Hi there!
I’m totally loving the hair tonic and the hair and scalp treatment! After I wash and shampoo, I put the hair tonic all throughout hair and then let it air dry. After it dries, my hair gains SO much moisture and it keeps it moisturized and soft for days! For my daily hair product, I use the hair treatment butter. It definitely mends my split ends and keeps the frizz down, leaving my curls soft, silky, and manageable. I have been using both products for only a week, and already see drastic changes in my hairs overall health. I couldn’t be more happy with my results!!
-Elyssa 🙂
Charlotte, NC    2/9/2016


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