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In 2019, I started to experience extreme skin irritation. As the symptoms worsened, the irritation started to feel inescapable and deeper than just the debilitating itchy fits and physical marks on my skin. After many doctors visits and trying to figure out what was going on and determine solutions, I later figured out I was experiencing leprosy and then was later diagnosed with eczema. This era of mine was the worst experience and it was truly traumatizing as it must have been for countless others experiencing extreme skin disease. My health and confidence was at its worst in my life. The eczema and leprosy caused an extreme amount of pain, swelling, and debilitating itchiness. So, I created my own holistic plan of attack and began making my own products as I knew if I was going to survive this I was going to have to take my health into my own hands. Being able to heal through alternative and holistic products caused my skin to heal faster and further than what my doctors had seen before. For example, two of my favorite acupuncturists, Dr. Crystal Cliff and Dr. Kim remarked how quickly my skin was healing and asked what I was doing. What were the keys to my success? I took a holistic approach not only addressing the physical issues with creating Pollynation solutions such as the Holy Grail, Gut Support Tea, and Enzymatic Soap, but I also eliminated toxins & potential sources of allergies while addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects of my disease. And I strategically evaluated western medicine such as steroid gels to see if it helped, but it did not move the needle much and I needed something that would not thin my skin, and would not create topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), nor negatively impact my skin microbiome and skin barrier system creating an even worse vicious long term cycle with my skin disease becoming worse and worse. I knew that my skin was telling me, “Hey, pay attention, I need your help because shit not right.” My job was to figure out what shit was not right. I decided to embrace my sensitivity as a superpower, not a weakness. Now, my skin condition has greatly improved, allowing me and Pollynation to now empower and uplift others along their unique skin healing journeys. My desire is for all Pollinators to bloom into wellness as quickly and with as less trauma as possible—the end goal is for you to Feel & Look Your Best.

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